Gears d’amour.

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…ask someone older to show you.

…ask someone older to show you.

Animations by Trevor Senhouse, Music by Synth Sircus. Live @ M Room Philadelphia

Some classic Synth Sircus for ya - live at The Institute in Philadelphia

A little Star Wars / “GTMB” humor

A little Star Wars / “GTMB” humor

Mr. Wiggles AKA George Clinton - Live 2/18/12 @ the Keswick Theater in Glenside PA

Ever seen a “Freak out” in person before?  Beatniks need not reply….

It’s not a keyboard, it’s a ROCKET LAUNCHER!

§ŸÑT╠╣__ŠíR[ú§ features a rotating lineup of synth/keyboard players as well as other instrumentologists, DJs, VJs & performance artists.

Not unlike VOLTRON, each member comes from a different band and/or corner of the city, and when summoned, fuses together to create a type of 'super-hybrid.'

Check the "members" section for a growing list of performers (past & present) and watch out for different players and instrumentation from one show to the next - all culminating in a bouquet of improvisational textures and layers never duplicated twice. ▄▄███▄▄▬▬ - - -

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